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Absolutely Unforgiveable?

Posted by Lex Fear on August 22, 2007

A while ago over on Dark Side of the Light, I blogged about the Blasphemically Challenged website, the latest attempt by a coordinated group of anti-theists to insult Christians. Now don’t get me wrong, as regular readers observe, I don’t mind a good poke at my faith and I find this website hilarious in the way that it takes itself too seriously (and sadly, many Christians did too).

But it does get you thinking doesn’t it? What is forgivable and what isn’t? Biblical scholars and even some intelligent atheists were quick to point out the fallacy committed by the Rational Response Squad. I won’t go into the exegeses as that’s too easy, and I’ll leave aside the fact they have actually referenced from a book they dismiss as fiction (like reading Harry Potter then declaring that you don’t believe in wizards whilst reciting a spell from the book).

What caused me to think back to the blasphemically challenged people was an article I came across a while ago about born-again Son of Sam killer, David Berkowitz. Now it doesn’t take a boy wizard to deduct that dedicating yourself to Satan and murdering 13 people, is a worse sin than posting a YouTube video of you making a tit of yourself, denying something you don’t believe in.

Today I found the blog of Pass The Aura, a.k.a. Eric, who writes some brilliant apologetics and exhortations, who created the video seen in my Dark Side post. His blog is really worth checking out whether you are an atheist, agnostic, Christian or other. Check out his original Challenging the Challenge Blasphemy post with accompanying video.

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