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We Want Your Children

Posted by Lex Fear on August 19, 2007

Here’s some questions.

If public servants such as parking attendants find they have to invent tickets to justify their jobs and meet targets, What happens when social services find their casebooks drying up? Celebrate? Devote more time to cases they do have?

Or go after those that pose no threat to justify their jobs?

How far away are we from implementing some kind of system in the UK, whereby a couple consider having a child contact social services to inform them beforehand and get approval?

What if social services to team up with someone like Richard Dawkins, and we see religious couples having their babies snatched away from their loving hands?


One Response to “We Want Your Children”

  1. Lord Matt said

    It has happened before. It has happened in the UK. During a period that was not to good to live in the crown sung between catholic and protestant heads quick quickly. It was not unheard of for people that had risen to prominence under one monarch to be beheaded and the children raised by devotees of the other faith only to find that the axe swung the other way and the children (now young adults) were in danger for the faith pushed o them by the state. It didn’t happen much but it did happen especially where hairs to important titles were snatched this way and that by faithfull devotees of one course or another.

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