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Where’s The Love? Alfred the Cake

Posted by Lex Fear on July 26, 2007

inboxTroll-bashing time again. The anonymous commenter ‘Alfred the Cake’ has been banned from this website. It seems the Cake was beginning to develop an unhealthy obsession with the blog so I’m taking preventative action.

I have an idea of who it possibly might be, given away by the idioms and colloquialisms employed, however I do not wish to continue to casting pearls before swine. Therefore AOL user ACCB4266.ipt.aol.com, has had their IP address blocked from this server, and will have to find another computer if they want to read this. Might I suggest a broadband connection too, saves waiting for the images to load.

The nonsense began in this post. Now I will gladly debate with anyone who has an intelligent criticism of something I’ve written, as witnessed in a number of times on this blog. I will even allow myself to be proved wrong and make corrections as in this post, for example. However, I’ll only tolerate insults as long as an argument has merit. Once it’s devolved into childish babbling, name-calling and goading, no-one is going to learn anything from the experience.

It doesn’t take a genius to point out the irony displayed by ‘the Cake’ when ‘defending’ a victim based on the actions of a persecutor, by replicating the actions of that said persecutor. It’s not about defending victims at all, it’s more to do with the cult of celebrity.

So here’s the new comments policy anyhow:

  • Baited comments that include lines such as “And no WAY will you let this one through – it makes you look bad!”, “Dish it out, but you can’t take it…” or in anyway reference ‘free speech’, will be treated as a bare-faced attempt to get the comment published. They will be rejected without a second thought. The aim of this is to encourage critics to actually present a good, reasoned argument.
  • Comments that simply link to some article without one word from the author have the appearance of comment spam. Comment spam will be rejected.
  • If you run out of good counter arguments, admit it rather than resorting to insults. If this happens your comments may be rejected.
  • Criticism is welcomed, but must stay in context. Criticism of my post on environMENTALISM should stay in the remit of environMENTALISM and in the comments of that post. Carrying your bile into the next post on a completely different topic, or turning the argument into a personal attack, will get your comment rejected and unpublished.

Below are some tips on style and form when writing comments:

  • Don’t say something like “I’ll leave you and your titchy traffic site alone. You don’t deserve my time…” then come back the next day to spend half an hour on posting another poison-filled rant, it comes across slightly inconsistent.
  • Saying things along the lines of “If you’re going to trash victims who write about their experiences, then what about fair comment on Christians who advertise their piety?” only elevates your troll-like status, since it shows you’ve not taken the time to actually read the blog.
  • Don’t expect to offer criticism without my own or someone else’s rebuttal, then get all pissy about it.
  • Do, reveal your identity (or at least online identity) if you expect to be taken seriously.
  • If you post a reasonable comment and it didn’t get accepted right away, it is because I am away from my computer sometimes for long periods of time. Not because I am trying to shutdown dissenters.
  • If you disagree on a point of theology, or political opinion then offer your interpretation, knowledge or source, don’t just declare your credentials and expect everyone to be wowed to silence. Penis size means nothing if you don’t know what to do with it.

On other matters…

Uh huh, the forum has been a failure so far, which I was prepared for. I guess I didn’t pimp it enough, but I’m actually thinking of doing another make-over of the website. The forum will soon disappear, I’m considering experimenting with Xoops content management system, either shifting this over to a WordPress blog (which offers better management) or even disenfranchising the blog from the site, back to Blogger or WordPress hosting. I’m also thinking of moving or changing the domain to a new web-host. I’ll try to make any changes as smooth as possible but don’t be surprised if the blog vanishes temporarily.

I do hope that at some point in the future I can remove comment moderation, I really want to move on to other topics…

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