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They Know Not What They Do…

Posted by Lex Fear on July 25, 2007

Here is an example of a victim who has every entitlement to want justice and revenge, but has chosen true courage and forgiveness.

“THE man who horrifically injured a student after he threw a traffic cone from a bridge today escaped a jail sentence – after a plea from his victim…

…The 24-year-old postgraduate occupational therapy student suffered a badly broken skull and three fractured vertebrae in her spine. Her arms and legs were paralysed.

However, the courageous victim, who is making a good recovery at home in Ireland – but is likely to have weakness in one or more limbs for the rest of her life – said she did not want to see Smith go to jail for his crime.” – The Scotsman

In other recent news, a would be suicide bomber was forgiven by Afghanistans President Hamid Karzai.

“Rafiqullah’s father, a poor tradesman from South Waziristan in Pakistan, had sent his son to a madrassa to learn the Koran. Later, when he asked where his son was, the teachers brushed him off, he said.

Last month the boy was caught wearing a suicide vest on a motorcycle in the city of Khost…

…”You are now free and forgiven by the people of Afghanistan,” [Karzai] told the boy with a smile.” – The Sydney Morning Herald

It brings to mind the stories of Anthony Walker’s mother, Abigail Witchalls and Gordon Wilson.

It strikes me that that these people know something about the human condition, the darkness that exists in the human heart. They also are aware on some level of their own failings and weaknesses. They understand what the Bruderhofs’ Johann Christoph Arnold meant when he said:

“Far from leaving us weak and vulnerable, forgiving empowers our lives and our work. It brings true closure to the most difficult situations, for it allows us to lay aside the riddles of retribution and human justice and to experience true peace of heart. More than that, it sets into motion a positive chain reaction that brings the fruits of our forgiveness to others.”

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