Abandon All Fear

What nobody else seems to be saying…

We’re All Terrorist Suspects Now!

Posted by Lex Fear on July 18, 2007


Mildly Offensive
Since it’s only offensive to Australians.

Yet more common sense coming from the rulers of that former prison island. Any reasonable Aussie should be as astounded as Justice Spender. What Australian Immigration are actually saying is that anyone who has had even some past association with a *current* terrorist suspect is, by association, a terrorist suspect.

That means if you once shared a house with someone whilst you were a student, or allowed them to use your mobile phone perhaps… then years later that person is indoctrinated into islamic terrorism, then YOU are ALSO a terrorist suspect!

Well done Prime Minister Howard (who is also a friend of Hillsong Australia) for implementing anti-human policies yet again! Do your lips ever get chapped from kissing Dubya’s ass?

Pray for democracy to come to Australia!

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