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Note to World: Please Remove Your Libel Against Me

Posted by Lex Fear on July 15, 2007


Caution, this one may offend. Contains libellous blog comments.

I’m so craptastically sick of reading libel and counter-libel claims being slung back and forth between immature British bloggers (who shall remain anonymous), who get far too much attention for their drivel. I’m now going to post my own bit of libel just because it seems mandatory if you own a blog these days:

Cow farts are responsible for Global Warming!

I now expect throngs of cows from the blogging cow-munity to accuse me of libel and post contrary statistics that it is not farts but belches, to prove me wrong.

What I’d like to see is a law that fines people for accusing someone of libel and not following it up in court- surely that in itself has to be a form of libel… like calling someone libellous or something.

Can all British Cows who shout libel at least once a month on their blogs, please get off the internets, you’re polluting the tubes with your methanes!


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