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[G-Wiz] Battery Powered Death Machine

Posted by Lex Fear on June 13, 2007

This Post Is Rated: C for Controversial. Would have been fun if it hadn’t been about a life-threatening contraption built by environMENTALISTS.

If anyone wanted further proof that the environMENT has become more important that human life, last month Top Gear released the G-Wiz Crash tests:

This is the car Red Ken, Global Leader and Supreme Dictator of Londonland, wants you and everyone else to drive one of these awful death-traps.

Here’s a piece cut from the FAQ on G-Wiz manufacturers site:

What about safety in the G-Wiz?
The G-Wiz is a breakthrough product in the fight against climate change… Thanks but we asked about safety
Excessive speed, no seat belts, alcohol & drug usage, and driver error are the main causes of accidents and injuries in the UK…
Just so you know, it’s not our fault if you end up dead in one
Whilst larger, heavier cars in general perform better in crash tests, they are also more likely to injure other road users… Our cars will only kill you
The G-Wiz has a tubular steel space frame which surrounds the driver and passengers. This includes side impact bars and a front crumple zone designed to protect passengers in low speed collisions… Low speed collision = 2mph?

Why have no manufacturer Euro NCAP crash tests been done on the G-Wiz?
Neither the Euro NCAP test nor the Dept of Transport UNECE Regulation 94 test are required or recommended under the European regulation for quadricycles. Both tests are designed for M1 vehicles, primarily cars capable of speeds in excess of 100 mph and not low speed urban vehicles…
Wow, that’s convenient, avoids any marketing problems.
Like all vehicle manufacturers RECC is however constantly reviewing safety features and innovation relative to usage… I feel safer already – as long as the other guy is driving one.

Source: Going Green FAQ

HT Gavin Ayling.

4 Responses to “[G-Wiz] Battery Powered Death Machine”

  1. Tony said

    It’s true that heavier cars perform better in crash test. That doesn’t mean G-Wiz is a death trap. I cannot really help your illusions of Low speed collision = 2mph. As you have mentioned bout the tests required for quadricycle. I just want to make it clear that G-Wiz has received Full EU Type approval, which means it meets all European automotive and mechanical standards governing safety, emissions and other relevant factors. May be you can check this link to get a better distinction between a car and a quadricycle. http://www.goingreen.co.uk/store/content/news/

  2. Lex Fear said

    If they’re safe, Tony, why is the government seeking to review EU regulations?

    “8 May 2007: The Department of Transport announced today that the Government is seeking a review of the European regulations for quadricycles in response to their growing popularity as a more environmentally friendly alternative to cars.”

    They may not be classed as cars, but if they get hit by a car, it’s clear who will be worse off.

    I think the video speaks for itself.

    With regards to low speed collision, that’s just my creative licence. That’s the speed I imagine it would be safe to hit a solid object in one of those things.

  3. Useful site. Thanks:-)

  4. Useful site. Thanks!

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