Abandon All Fear

What nobody else seems to be saying…

3 Responses to “[London Olympics] The Logo of the Beast”

  1. Mike Rouse has come up with a good 2012 design logo…

    Perhaps you should call your blog “Abandon all hope ye who enter here”?

    BTW, that seemed like mild criticism to me to justify comment moderation. Had I seen it I would have criticised it too. Rachel is a heroine of mine. FJL is a nasty cyber-stalker her attacks were unjustified.

  2. Lex Fear said

    Thanks JHL, I’ll google Rouse, but if in future links would be nice to save time!

    Interesting comment about the title of my blog. Feel free to check out my “About” page on the side bar.

    My concept of Abandoning all fear does represent hope however. It’s inspired by moments in the biblical records where God is speaking to someone and he says “Do not fear”.


    Regarding the criticis: I have so far only held back one comment by the Anon, it was turning rather nasty. The purpose of moderation is to keep it mild and not get to a stage where people are hurling libel and malice accusations.

    I am no enemy of Rachel and I am no enemy of FJL.

    I would prefer we keep all discussion of ‘North v Lowde’ in the one post where I have made my views clear. I have no intentions of letting this blog, and every post become about the affair.

    I’ve let your comment through, but please keep anything ‘North v Lowde’ related to my post “How to be a Victim” rather than other posts on this blog.


    Other than that, thanks for your comment, it’s an interesting take, I may address it at a later point in another post.

  3. Ortho said

    Cool deconstruction of the logo!

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