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[Neo-Atheism] The War Against Theism

Posted by Lex Fear on June 6, 2007

This Post Is Rated: O for May be deemed Offensive. But it’s not, really, not unless you want to be offended.

Side Note: This is my first post using Microsoft’s new Windows Live Writer, which works almost effortlessly with Blogger! It’s amazing, Microsoft is actually embracing third party and open source?! It’s actually pretty decent and so far was the easiest to configure amongst the ones I tested.

I consider myself a fairly moderate/progressive Christian, someone who believes in all the tenets of the Christian faith, but also someone who you could have a pint down the pub with and talk about current events. But I started to notice that some of the bloggers whose opinions I both read and respect have made negative reference to the Christian faith, both passively and directly. The basis of their arguments usually consist of the old Science vs Religion argument, but it can sometimes degenerate into the usual “religion is dangerous/evil/fault of the worlds problems”.

I therefore felt I should make a direct comment on the rise of anti-theism that is being led by fundamentalist atheists such as Richard Dawkins. It’s not just a point of discussing scientific theories, if that was the case most people would not have heard of him, it’s gets much more personal than that. The reason being is that Dawkins and people like him are hostile towards religion, specifically Christianity, and consider believers like myself to be infected with a “virus of the mind“.

Before I continue, it is important to separate atheism from anti-theism. An atheist is someone who disbelieves in the existence of a God or gods (some atheists prefer to be referred to as ‘normal’, but then we would have to call theists not-normal, and if these statistics are to be believed, theism is the norm. Whatever, lets avoid the neologisms for now). In contrast, an anti-theist is someone who not only disbelieves in a God or gods, it is someone who is opposed to that belief in others. Many readers of this blog may be atheist, but they do not spend their days trying to disprove God or rally against believers, they simply live their lives as we all do.

I made a rational choice 10 years ago to become a Christian (and continue to believe against the difficulties that present themselves). I can understand why someone would make a rational choice to become an atheist, or would be an atheist simply because they have not had a religious upbringing. So if you’re confident in your beliefs, it should mean that there’s no real reason to feel threatened by someone else’s. Yet after suffering the intolerance of the religious right for years, we now must now also face the intolerance of the militant anti-theists.

I have a theory on anti-theists. You see a true atheist really has nothing against God, since they don’t believe God exists. They do not feel the need to fight against something that isn’t there. This makes me think that anti-theists are people who have either been hurt in the past by the church, or hold some sort of grudge against God and/or believers. After all Dawkins himself flip-flopped between Christianity and atheism in his early years. You can’t tell me there isn’t some bitterness there towards the church. I know because I’ve been in the church for 10 years, you just don’t come away without some scars!

But before I’m accused of being obsessive. It’s not all about Dawkins, he is merely a figurehead, easy to reference. There are many evangelists on the side of anti-theism. The thing that bothers me most is the lack of intellect and common sense in the arguments against faith. This is observed in the often used platitudes and aphorisms, when arguing against theism:

  • “Religion is not only wrong, it’s evil” – New Atheism
  • “Theism and its corresponding religions are harmful to society and individuals” – No God Network
  • “[Religion] teaches us to be satisfied with not understanding the world.” – Richard Dawkins
  • But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.” – Steven Weinberg
  • “Religious moderates are, in large part, responsible for the religious conflict in our world, because their beliefs provide the context in which scriptural literalism and religious violence can never be adequately opposed.” – Sam Harris
  • “The Nazi policy of genocide was based on premises quite similar to those in the Hebrew Bible.” – Hector Avalos
  • “[Religion] is consistent with crime, cruelty, envy, hatred, malice, and uncharitableness.” – American Atheists
  • “Religion kills.” – Christopher Hitchens

So according to the proponents of anti-theism, religion is: evil, harmful to society, uneducated, responsible for violence, comparable to Nazism, criminal, cruel, envious, hateful, malicious, uncharitable and it kills. As the Americans would say, that’s a long rap sheet. Shouldn’t we start rounding up theists and executing them for the good of humanity?

It’s clear that by choosing to be a Christian I am aligning myself with the mythological Devil of the scriptures! I have sold myself to the ideological Satan of the post-modern world.

I’m fine with that description if that’s what you want to use to define my set of beliefs. Here’s a list of other deluded individuals like myself from past and present, who have caused harm to society through their theistic beliefs:

A List of Evil Religious Oppressors
Martin Luthor King Leader of the civil rights movement for blacks in America.
Dietrich Bonhoeffer Led a movement against&nbsp
;the Nazi regime in Germany.
William Wilberforce Led the movement to abolish slavery in the UK.
CS Lewis Author of The Chronicles of Narnia and wrote many apologetics for the Christian faith.
Jim Wallis Leader of Sojourners for social justice and peace.
JRR Tolkien Author of The Lord of the Rings.
Johnny Cash Famous singer.
Alice Cooper Famous singer.
George Washington American President.
Isaac Newton Scientist and mathematician. First hypothesized the law of gravitation.
John Milton Author of Paradise Lost.
William Booth Founder of the Salvation Army.
Galileo Galilei Astronomer and physicist. Theorised that the Earth moved around the Sun and not the other way round.
Blaise Pascal French mathematician and physicist. Inventor of the hydraulic press and syringe. One of the early fathers of modern computer engineering.
Charles Spurgeon Founder of Spurgeon’s charity for children and young people.
John Adams American President. Helped draft the Declaration of Independence.

Obviously this is just a small list of criminals who have committed crimes against humanity.

But what about anti-theists and their wonderful contribution towards humanity? If we’re going to define theists as evil, ignorant and murderous, then it’s only fair that we establish a definition for all atheists and anti-theists. Here is a list of atheists and anti-theists who have brought enlightenment and peace to the world, through their atheism:

A List of Enlightened Humanitarian Atheists
Pol Pot Ruler of Cambodia, Responsible for the genocide of one third of Cambodia’s population since being in power in his orchestrated ‘Year Zero’.
Josef Stalin Russian dictator, ‘purged’ his party of political rivals and organised assassinations of political opponents. Responsible for Ukrainian genocide and various atrocities against Eastern Europeans after WW2.
Jeffrey Dahmer American serial killer.
Robert Mugabe Leader of Zimbabwe, a ‘corrupt dictator’ who has oppressed political opponents and ruined the economy with his land reform policies.
Mao Zedong Led a ‘violent revolution’ of China, executed political opponents and committed acts of genocide against people branded ‘counter-revolutionaries’.
Kenneth Parnell Convicted sex offender and kidnapper.
Larry Gene Ashbrook Disturbed and paranoid spree killer.
Armin Meiwes German cannibal who killed and consumed a willing victim he met on the Internet.
Karl Marx Philosopher whose works have inspired many communist regimes including Maoism, Stalinism, North Korea, Russia and Cuba to name a few.
Harold Shipman British serial killer.
Gary Glitter Former glam rock singer, convicted pedophile sex offender.
Jean Kambanda Leader of Rwanda inciting genocide of ethnic Tutsis and moderate Hutu sympathisers.

Of course, there are more atheists that can be added to the list. These are people who unlike religious bigots, being atheists, have obviously had a good impact on society. Model citizens wouldn’t you say?

For what it’s worth I detest the hate speech of Richard Dawkins as much as I detested
the hate speech of Jerry Falwell. Richard may be more eloquent than Falwell but the underlying derision is there.

My question to the anti-theists is this: Isn’t it about time we have a reasonable open dialogue rather than this fundamentalist dogma? What exactly do you hope to achieve by constantly deriding religion? What are your goals?

Be honest, what would it take for you to be satisfied you no longer felt threatened by people like me?

  • Make us wear a band identifying our faith?
  • Bar us from certain jobs and careers?
  • Introduce regulations to limit the practice of our faith?
  • Make us attend re-education camps?
  • Wipe us out- convert to Atheism or die?

I await a coherent response.

EDIT: The original tables were giving my layout problems, if anyone else experienced this, my apologies- I’ve reduced the width to fit at least 800×600 (hopefully).

9 Responses to “[Neo-Atheism] The War Against Theism”

  1. Yellow said

    Man I can’t believe Gary Glitter is an atheist…he’s really gone down in my estimation.

  2. Lex Fear said

    Unbelievable isn’t it Yellow?To think I used to think he was fashionable.

  3. paul said

    Christopher Hitchens might decry religion but wholeheartedly supports the born again destroyer of iraq.
    The fat drink soaked cunt.
    At least gary glitter made some good records.

  4. Lex Fear said

    No more will the chant “C’mon C’MON” be heard in holiday camps throughout the nation.So long Gary, we don’t wanna be in your gang anymore.

  5. Stef said

    Here’s a cut and paste job on a comment I made on a Muslim’s blog in response to some Dawkins-worshiper who dragged out the old ‘religion is the cause of all wars’ canard…

    One thing that always impresses me about people who invoke the teachings of Great Richard Dawkins and his ‘Religion is the Cause of all Wars’ bullcrap is how they get off thinking they’re being all rational when it’s a plain fact that the root cause of the vast majority off all wars and conflicts boils down to theft, not religion or anything else. Palestine? Vietnam? Korea? WW2? WW1? The Boer War? The Crimean War? The American Civil War? The Napoleonic Wars? The War of Jenkins Ear? All down to religion? For f**k’s sake.

    So, abolish away and see if that changes anything. The excuses might change but the wars will continue. Dawkins is a fundamentalist nutter, as dangerous as any crazed holy man and as long as people are swallowing his brand of bullcrap they’ll continue to live like mushrooms

    PS I’m not especially religious but I believe in open mindedness and diversity of thought and it’s easy enough to see that Dawkins and his ilk have set themselves up as high priests of a particularly intolerant, fundamentalist cult

  6. Lex Fear said

    Exactly Stef,

    I think we should all just agree that humans are the root cause of human misery.

    At the same time we can see that humans, religious and non-religious, have great things to contribute to the world.

    Richard Dawkins is the atheist answer to Osama Bin Laden.

  7. Richard Dawkins is the atheist answer to Osama Bin Laden.

    Yes, reasoning and logic are usually a good answer to religious extremists.

    Of course, if you meant to compare what Dawkins has done (write books and argue his point of view) with what bin Laden has done (murder thousands of innocent people), you are beneath contempt.

  8. You’re right Brian, that was probably a bad comparrison and sounded wholly ignorant on my part.

    Of course Richard Dawkins is not the equivelant of Bin Laden, who I should have compared him to was Abu Hamza, in that he’s highly controversial, influtential, well read and taught but does not get involved personally in the attacks.

  9. […] I’ve been trying to suggest all along, perhaps it’s time everyone realised that neither religion, nor atheism causes […]

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