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[Blogdeath] Where Do Blogs Go When They Die?

Posted by Lex Fear on May 23, 2007

This Post Is Rated: F for Friendly Post. Nothing here you’ll find insulting your religiosity.

The End of the Road – Raw Carrot
So this is free speech? – Argos Employee
Stand Down – Universal Soldier


Re-incarnated? Independant Christian Voice
In Purgatory? Dark Side of the Light
Zombified? Quinnblog
Bodysnatched? The Cranky Insomniac Bartender

Is there a blog afterlife? Should there be a charity for abandoned blogs?

I actually like what the cranky insomniac did- but I wish the new tenant would change the title already. I offered up my starter blog when I decided to move on, but sadly had no takers. I moved some of the archive posts over here, but it’s now gone to the abyss.

I’m now feeling my favourite mood. Melancholy.

4 Responses to “[Blogdeath] Where Do Blogs Go When They Die?”

  1. What did the Cranky Insomniac do?

  2. Lex Fear said

    He subletted his blog to The Cranky Bartender, but the title remains “The Cranky Insomniac”.The Cranky Bartender is the only poster in the blog.I think anyone tired of blogging should really offer it up for someone to take the mantle first, before simply shutting down. Especially if it has a wide readership.

  3. mattghg said

    Surely Dark Side of the Light has been re-incarnated?

  4. Lex Fear said

    True,I did manage to salvage DSOTL and reincarnate it under the ‘Abandon All Fear’ mantle, but the original under blogspot.com contracted a disease known as ‘Blogger Beta’, and now resides somewhere on a google server in ‘purgatory’.As was discovered when I have tried to reclaim darksidelight.blogspot.com on many occasions – it’s been a year and its still unavailable.

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