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[Resolutions] Foolish Words

Posted by Lex Fear on May 16, 2007

This is a sidestep from my usual rant.

This new year I made 1 resolution. My resolution could be viewed as foolhardy, unwise and uninformed. It felt that way anyway. Even as the words left my lips, I felt uncomfortable and had no way of backing it up. Nevertheless the words had passed into the air, and were out there. They were verbal deeds. My declaration?

This will be the year of ‘Take Back’. Take back from those companies that have ripped me off, forced unfair terms or acted with impure motives.

I was referring to banks and loans companies that had heaped charges on me for missing payments or going overdrawn (this was not always a case of my error but a mismanagement of my accounts by them). I was also referring to other companies who had caused me undue financial disorder including phone, broadband and tenancy.

I’ve had many arguments about these issues, most notably with Christians. Christians who see it as a judgment call, ironically the people who are most depending on Christ to show them mercy, are the most reluctant to show mercy to others in the form of assistance with the consequences of their mistakes. There are also many Christians for whom governments and private companies are beyond reproach, as though the rules they create, regardless of morality, fairness and legality are eternally binding. Those that break those rules, even when lacking in ability to fulfill the requirements, deserve the full punishment for doing so.

Anyway, in the heat of the moment I had said it. Riding on a temporary wave of optimism, and the feeling of power (that I can in hindsight confirm was the holy spirit), I had made a declaration. A prophecy. One in which I wanted to reach out, grab the words and eat them before anyone heard. One which I wanted to quietly forget.

What is it that stops us from prophesying, healing the sick and casting out demons? Is it the fear of failure? Have we been so conditioned to success and ‘successful living’ that we fear making a mistake in front of believers and non-believers alike?

I’m pretty certain that this is the reason. I’m also pretty certain this is the way God wants it. He wants us to be prepared to make fools of ourselves, so that everyone can see it is not us that is performing the miracle, it is him. I believe that ‘successful living’ and prosperity teaching is almost in direct contradiction to this. Simply because successful living tries to deliver us from foolishness, and prosperity teaching tells us to rely on finance to further the kingdom of God.

By all means teach prosperity, teach how to succeed, but don’t make it a part of Gods will, don’t make it doctrine for the church. These two things can be taught to and by non-Christians. Therefore I see them as fundamental to the church as successful food recipes and how best to decorate your house.

I know that anything I’ve ever done, that God has inspired or managed, has either been at risk to my reputation, caused me to doubt or to fear the consequences. Each time I believe God has done it this way to draw out those things and make me more dependent on him. My foolhardy ‘Year of Take Back’ is just one of the latest examples I have decided to share.

So far the Year of Take Back has resulted in:

  • £700 unfair charges claimed back from my bank
  • £20 overcharge claimed back from previous broadband supplier
  • £60 refund of money transfer fees from lettings agent

I won’t go into detail on this post, but there is still much more to recover from another bank and a loans company. ‘Take Back’ not just about recovering monies. It’s also about holding companies to account on contract terms they have agreed to. Holding companies to account on legal issues. It’s about refusing to pay charges that are not enforceable by law, and it’s about disseminating information so others can do the same.

Power is shifting from governments and corporate enterprise to individuals. For a long time they have been able to abuse the poorest and most defenseless of society… no more.

And yeah, take that risk, declare something that is beyond you but something you need, then trust in God to deliver you.

There are plenty of examples in the bible of ‘fools rushing in’:
Maybe God is with us, maybe not? Let’s do it anyway…
Who is this uncircumcised Philistine?!
Say the word, Lord, I’ll come out to meet you!

As well as people who are just not confident or successful enough:
Seriously, you got the wrong guy!
What are you doing hiding in this winepress?
I was weak, and not very persuasive…

3 Responses to “[Resolutions] Foolish Words”

  1. Kath said

    WOW! I know how you feel. You should write a book ;o)

  2. Lex Fear said

    Thanks Kath, no idea how I’d make this into a book, but in the meantime I do try to write some fiction.I tend to manage the first chapter but then lose motivation. Got to get over that hurdle first.

  3. Lord Matt said

    Go for it. I think you might be right about the source of the wave too. “I can do all things through…” (I’m sure you know the rest).

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