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[Australia] Howard Opens His Mouth, We All Have To Smell It

Posted by Lex Fear on April 13, 2007

Prime Minister of Australia, John Howard is considering banning individuals with HIV from Australia, saying they should not be allowed into the country.

Good call Mr Howard, because, you know, anyone with HIV must be a raving, sex maniac desperate to screw anything that moves.

Actually, I’ll support his stance as long as he promises to take back all the Australians that have invaded Londonland, and promises not to let himself or any other Australians, HIV or otherwise, out of Australia.

Nice one.

2 Responses to “[Australia] Howard Opens His Mouth, We All Have To Smell It”

  1. United We Lay said

    I think a country has a right to do what it has to to prevent disease from entering their country. All countries screen for disease when immigrants enter the country, and though most of the diseases people have brought in are treatable, HIV is not curable.

  2. Lex Fear said

    My point exactly United, I’m actually arguing for tighter border control on Australia!Don’t let any Australians out of Australia, so they can come over and steal our jobs, infect our peoples and eat our babies etc…In fact, the world would just be a safer place if we instigated a global ‘lockdown’ policy. People should not be allowed to leave their country of birth, that way we are safe from evil immigrants and their filthy diseases!

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