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[Abortion] How to be Pro-Life and Pro-Choice

Posted by Lex Fear on April 12, 2007

Image Source: Abort73.com

As a Christian, I believe that scientifically, life starts at conception. In fact I kind of believe that life doesn’t start there, since the tissue is always ‘alive’ though egg and sperm are separate. But of course I have trouble with that theory, since, if you follow it to it’s logical conclusion then you’re basically committing genocide every time you spank the monkey.

So then I kind of also think that life starts not just with the biological, but the soul. Since I believe the soul does not end with death, then why should the soul simply start with conceived life? Indeed, the bible itself testifies the fact that “Long before [God] laid down earth’s foundations, he had us in mind…” (Eph 1:4 Message).

So it seems to me that our bodies are just a temporary vessel, condemned to death, but we are not without hope of eternal life.

I guess this puts me slightly in the ‘pro-choice’ camp. However, I have given this a lot of thought and I’ve come up with a solution to the whole debate, as well as getting around the controversy over the age of the fetus.

It’s simple. If a woman is considering an abortion, give her the option to wait until the fetus is born, then she can be free to decide if she still wants to abort. They could extend this to maybe 5 years after birth, just in case it doesn’t work out with the fetus.

By the way, no apologies for the image. Reality is often sick, and the truth can be pretty ugly.

6 Responses to “[Abortion] How to be Pro-Life and Pro-Choice”

  1. Billiejean said

    I linked to your blog from Mark Dehoog’s… hope you don’t mind. Anyway… that picture breaks my heart. I just had a baby girl in November. I guess I’m just pretty sensitive about this kind of stuff. By 4 weeks the baby’s heart is already beating and other major organs are beginning to form. It seems to me that if you stop a man’s heart from beating, he’s dead.

  2. Lex Fear said

    Thanks for your comment Billiejean.

    It’s tragic isn’t it. I won’t personally condemn anyone who chooses to go through with an abortion, but I do think they should be presented with facts and images.I once listened to an abortion doctor who classed any’thing’ that cannot survive outside the womb self-sustained could not be classed as human (regardless of legal time limit).I think that would therefore include premature births. So there you go, if you were born premature there are some doctors out there who think you are not human.

  3. charlotte said

    You can sit there and say these things all you want but you will never know what it feels like to have to chose, I had an abortion when I was 19, I already had a son had 16 and could not take care of two, I was not married and was not getting any child support. I think you are wrong to judge people by the choice they make with out every walking in there shoes.

  4. Alex Fear said

    Charlotte, thanks for your comment, though I wonder why you chose this old post and not my most recent.

    Whilst I understand your sentiment, I only feel it would be fair to point out the errors of your own judgment.

    It’s true, as a man, I will never get to know the feeling of a life growing inside of me. However, I’ve been close to the choice happening within my own family, and am happy that the right choice (unforced) was made in the end.

    You probably commented here because you feel ‘judged’ rather than feel it’s wrong to judge. For example, if I was to ask you what your job was (since you don’t get support), I would probably be able to find many instances where you must make judgments within the services you deliver to people without having walked in their shoes. politicians, newspaper editors, bankers, insurance salesmen, school teachers, telesales, doctors, managers, driving instructors etc.. (I could obviously go on) are all making judgements over peoples lives continually everyday without knowing what their subjects are going through.

    In fact everyone has the right to their opinion, this right is not enshrined in law, since it’s something that could never be policed. Just as those arguing against abortion based on their opinion (and in some cases experience), those arguing for abortion do so based on their opinion (and in some cases experience).

    On the justification based on experience, I feel that since I was a fetus at one time, a grateful fetus, I also have a right to express my views as a former fetus.

    Regarding choice, I’ve gone into detail elsewhere on my blog but for your benefit I will summarise here. You had a choice on whether to have sex or not on the night you conceived the child you aborted. If you knew your financial situation was not feasible then you had the choice of abstaining. As someone who has had sex, and has been both married and unmarried (both abstained and given into temptation), I could probably use my trump card of experience, but I won’t.

    Excluding the small number of cases of rape or health (on which I have no opinion), pregnancy is not torture, neither is it forced (you already gave your consent. Only an idiot in this day and age would think there is no chance of pregnancy from sex). It is not like being waterboarded for example. Anyone who was undergoing torture would of find it difficult and would feel they have no choice. Pregnancy is for the most part, a beautiful thing, though for many inconvenient.

    Let us examine choice further. You currently have a son concieved at 15 or 16. If your son was kidnapped, but found by the police, then he would be returned to you, just like your purse if it was stolen. Your purse is returned because it is your property, does this mean your son is your property?

    If you destroyed your purse now, it is your entitlement, but if you killed your son, the State would likely judge you as a murderer and lock you up. Why does the State do this if it is your son? Clearly, the same state that gives you a right to abort before your son turned 24 weeks, views your son as not belonging to anybody, but to himself, a seperate entity belonging to himself. For legal purposes you are not the owner but the parent or guardian. You are the custodian of your son, he does not belong to you, he has merely been allowed to remain in your custody – to love and protect.

    At what point did your son transfer from being something you could terminate, to something you don’t own and now cannot terminate. What changes at 24 weeks- did a government official come by and stamp your belly, make you sign a form? Did the government threaten to terminate unless you got a licence?

    Growing inside of your uterus, was your son a part of your body, or a separate entity? Was he a separate living organism, or a byproduct of your womb? If we amputate your arm, then it will stop living, it will begin to decompose. However fetuses removed at 24 weeks and less have been removed and continued to live and breathe, if only for a short time. Why is the umbilical cord severed at birth if your child is a part of you?

    No, the thing growing your womb is a separate life form and not belonging to you. At this point, it is where the Christian would say that it has been gifted to you, given to you to bear, love and provide for. Not because it is apart of you, or because it belongs to you, but because this tiny human being needs you to be able to live and survive in it’s first years.

    Regardless of what I’ve had to say, please do some research and listen to testimonies not only of regret but of women who have survived botched abortions. Perhaps you are living with some degree of regret yourself? It is possible to be forgiven.

    Please also read up on the procedure that took place whilst you were under anesthetic. It’s not a cluster of cells or a bit of pulp, it’s actually a being with arms, legs, internal organs and a head. Youtube has many videos of the procedure and aborted fetuses. These images changed my mind and I imagine many others.

    I know from personal experience it is tough to raise children as a single parent. Their are alternatives including adoption. I’ll be the first to admit this is where the church needs to step up a gear, rather than sitting around and saying things.

  5. Nastassia said

    I have to completely agree with you. I found out I was 9 1/2 weeks into my pregnancy when my boyfriend decided to bail out on me and I felt alone so I turned to abortion to save myself. If I had only done the research and watched the videos before I had gone in there, I would not have gone through with it. And it is something I still have not stopped crying about to this day. I gave life to something that didnt ask to be here, and I took it away just as easily. And it was SELFISH of me.

  6. Alex Fear said

    Natassia, thanks for commenting, first things first, God doesn’t hate you, secondly his forgiveness is without any conditions if you receive it… don’t let the devil hold you under condemnation.

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