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[The Christians Nightmare] Ray Comfort Is Bananas

Posted by Lex Fear on April 8, 2007

Why as Christians (and I’m looking at you, youth leaders in particular) do we constantly feel the need to follow the latest cultural trends. Why is it every time a successful brand develops in the world, we can’t resist going ahead and make our own Christianised brand version of it? A “Christian” version which more often than not is an appalling insult to the intelligence of people outside the church. Do we really expect our children to be real leaders and have an impact on the world by protecting them from groups and ideas that are not intrinsically Christian?

Why can’t the church be the alternative to the culture that people are looking for. Why can’t the church stand for enduring principles rather than short-term cultural appeal? Don’t we stand to win more people working within existing cultural and social frameworks, rather than creating our own ill-conceived ones?

What is the purpose of Godtube for example? Sure there may be some great exegesis and apologetics out there- but doesn’t that actually prove the point that Christians should be shooting it on Youtube? Doesn’t it actually force you, as a Christian, to come up with something powerful, meaningful and coherent to say- rather than having a safe ‘playground’ to expose your crackpot theology without criticism?

Taken from YouTube, seems to have been removed from GodTube.

I can’t be the only one who had wrong images in my head when he was using that banana, and how would he explain a pinapple?

But if Godtube is a dumb idea, Conservapedia is even dumberer. Set up, I kid you not, with Wikipedia’s MediaWiki engine, because “…that the article on the Renaissance does not give any credit to Christianity, that many Wikipedia articles use non-American spellings even though most users are American, that the article on American activities in the Philippines has a distinctly anti-American bias, and that attempts to include pro-Christian or pro-American views are removed very quickly… Wikipedia is six times more liberal than the American public.” (Wikipedia)

So here is a random sample article from Conservapedia on Indie Rock:

“Rock music made by independant bands. or people not involved with the record industry. Usually with a liberal bias.” Conservapedia Entry: Indy Rock (sic)

Just for comparrison, here is Wikipedia’s entry on Indie Rock:

“Indie rock is a genre of alternative rock that primarily exists in the independent underground music scene. The term is sometimes used interchangeably with underground music as a whole, though more specifically implicates that the music meets the criterion of being rock, as opposed to indie pop or other possible match-ups. These criteria vary from an emphasis on rock instrumentation (electric guitars, bass guitar, live drums, and vocals) to more abstract (and debatable) rockist constructions of authenticity. It is however not uncommon to see a variety of instruments that are rarely used in other rock genres, such as the violin.

“Indie rock” is shorthand for “independent rock”, for many of its artists are unsigned or signed to independent record labels, rather than major record labels. It is not strictly a genre of music (although the term is often used to reference the sound of specific bands and the bands they have influenced), but is often used as an umbrella term covering a wide range of artists and styles, connected by some degree of allegiance to the values of underground culture, and (usually) describable as rock music. Genres or subgenres often associated with indie rock include lo-fi, post-rock, sadcore, C86, and math rock, to list but a few; other related (and sometimes overlapping) categories include shoegazing and indie pop.

Indie rock artists place a premium on maintaining complete control of their music and careers, releasing albums on independent record labels (sometimes their own) and relying on touring, word-of-mouth, and airplay on independent or college radio stations for promotion. Some end up moving to major labels, often on favorable terms won by their prior independent success.” Wikipedia Entry: Indie Rock

Feeling that liberal bias yet?

I have one request for the people behind GodTube, Conservapedia and other proponents of ‘christian’ subcultures. Please, please stop. Now.

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