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[Bisexuality] Bigamy With A Twist

Posted by Lex Fear on April 3, 2007

From BBC News:
Lesbian on ceremony bigamy charge

A woman has appeared in court accused of going through a civil partnership ceremony with her lesbian partner while still being married to a man.

Suzanne Mitchell, 29, of Wingfield Gardens, Shrewsbury, appeared before the town’s magistrates on Thursday.

The mother-of-three denied making a false statement to a registrar when she married Caroline Beddowes in a civil partnership ceremony last February.

The case was referred to the crown court and Mrs Mitchell was given bail.

I suspect I have lost all my readers but to anyone passing, thoughts?

Referral: The Magistrates Blog

One Response to “[Bisexuality] Bigamy With A Twist”

  1. Lord Matt said

    My passing thoughts – do something with those comment “pop-ups”, they die shockingly in firefox and I’ve only bothered to doctor the window to comment because of who the blog author is.Finally the G/L/TS community is going to have to admit that relationships for them are just as rocky and subject to change as any straight couples. Maybe this elitist we are better than you attitude can stop.

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