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[Attack Blog] Moment of Truth

Posted by Lex Fear on April 2, 2007

I’m interested in getting an opinion from what little readership I have. What do you think…

Is this blog an attack blog?

Doubtless, I have a strong opinion and I’m pretty much no holds barred. In subject terms, I like to think there is no place that is too sacred to go. However, my line of “attack” is not focused on one particular church or group, I see hypocrisy and foolishness in all elements of society- even though the specific purpose of this blog is to highlight mainly religious ones.

Neither do I blog out of bitterness, though you may be mistaken. It’s more of a desire to point out and address things which seem wrong, hypocritical or show ulterior motives.

What is the nature of attack blogs, what makes a blog an ‘attack blog’?

2 Responses to “[Attack Blog] Moment of Truth”

  1. L'Matt said

    Attack blog? Who has been talking BS about your blog? Have a look at laityonline.com at the “church is a whore” post.

  2. Lex Fear said

    Thanks Lord Matt,No-one has really said anything to me, however I was interested in the thoughts of some readers.For the record I don’t consider The Dark Side to be about attack, more about challenging accepted wisdoms, but I am aware sometimes it could come across as an attack blog from sensitive types.Guess I just wanted to know if there were any sensitive types reading. I like a good debate 8D

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