Abandon All Fear

What nobody else seems to be saying…

[They’re All At It] Just Don’t Get Caught Or We’re All Screwed

Posted by Lex Fear on March 14, 2007

I occasionally enjoy a good prank. It gets better when you involve others in setting up and scheming and elaborate plot. It’s all about getting the right mix of people who will keep it a secret and work towards maximum effectiveness of the joke.

Trouble is, eventually there’s always one who either doesn’t get the spirit of the joke, or is too goofy to keep it secret, who ends up involuntarily sabotaging the whole prank.

Sometimes this person is not even a part of the planning, they just overheard your scheme and decided to try a much clumsier and obvious one themselves- thus exposing your sophisticated and cunning scheme.

Then it’s game over for everyone.

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