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[Blogidarity] Sidekicks

Posted by Lex Fear on February 26, 2007

No good blogging hero would be complete without a sidekick (apart from Batman, Alex has always insisted he should work alone).

So I am promoting the first 2 sidekicks in the fight against tyranny. To become a sidekick, all you have to do is mention Alex Fear or AAF in a post or on your website, write lots of comments or do something interesting. Sidekick status may be applied retroactively, since we are now in a post-Post Zero era. However if you haven’t been retconned into a sidekick and feel you should, then drop me a comment.

Behold the sidekicks:

The Mocker A supporter of Abandon All Fear since stumbling across the blog pre-Post Zero. Ed is driven by the quest to find the funny in tech and news. He has written favourably about AAF twice!. Therefore he has proven loyalty and commitment to good over evil, even if his methods are questionable).

The Incredible Growing Man: Steve seeks to live a provocative life style. Fighting luke warmness wherever he finds it, he challenges people in what they believe, encouraging them to pursue Christ. Also a friend of AAF.

Keep up the good work.


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