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[Funny] If Post was Like Email

Posted by Lex Fear on February 25, 2007

Everyday when you opened your mailbox there would be 30 pieces of junkmail waiting for you

If you wrote a letter that was too big the postman would either refuse to deliver it or deliver it very slowly Every now and then you may write a long letter and suddenly lose it and have to start writing it all over again

You would be able to write just one letter and the postman would send it to 60 of your friends and only charge you for the one letter

Conversations with your friends would go on weeks

Every now and then you would receive a letter that has been read and passed on by at least 100 people. The letter is warning you of another malicious letter that if opened would break all your windows, set fire to your furniture and/or remove all the cement from your building. The letter also advises that you make photocopies and send it to everyone you have an address for

The postman makes photocopies of all your letters

After the postman has read your all your letters, your friends mail-box is full and he brings back your letter saying that he couldn’t deliver it

You only have to write someone’s address once, the postman will remember all your friends and contacts addresses

No matter where you are in the world, the postman will still deliver on time to your door

Source Unknown

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