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[Blog Reset] Origins

Posted by Lex Fear on February 10, 2007

A new hero will rise to take on the culture of fear… the transformation is already underway.

Oh and btw I have abandoned TalkTalk. I signed up with Pipex today on the recommendation of this blog. They claim to do it in about 10 days on their website. No doubt CrapCrap will screw my credit rating further when I cancel my direct debit, but it’s a small price to pay.

I advise anyone living in the slowest and stupidest city in the world not to go with TalkTalk for their broadband solution. They are all TalkTalk and no ActionAction.

2 Responses to “[Blog Reset] Origins”

  1. I have been with Pipex for nearly five years with no complaints… I found a much cheaper offering the other day and asked to switch and they matched the price so I’ll be with them for the forseeable future too!

  2. Ed said

    In the US there is an even more dastardly outfit, called Comcastically Craparoony. Fast service from a company that makes you furious. Good to see you back and bad.

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