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[Series] I’m A Christian… Get Me Out Of Here!

Posted by Lex Fear on December 16, 2006

I’m toying with a new concept and going to see how it runs. Each blogweek* I’m going to run a scenario strictly for Christians, to challenge your perceptions, perhaps to challenge my own. Feel free to take part (in the comments).

This weeks scenario:

Your brother/sister has never held down a job for more than 3 months since leaving school and has been an on/off job-seeker for years. He/She has no savings, lives with your parents and has no aspirations.

One day he/she comes home and declares to the family that their girl/boyfriend is pregnant and you are going to be an Uncle/Aunt. However, since both of them have no steady income, their boy/girlfriend wants to get an abortion.

At no point can you yell “I’m a Christian… Get me out of here!”

*blogweeks are like weeks but could be shorter or longer depending.

3 Responses to “[Series] I’m A Christian… Get Me Out Of Here!”

  1. Cathy said

    As with any decision, we are to inquire of the Lord as to how to handle it, what attitude, what words and of course we have a recourse…taking everything to the Lord in prayer…prayer changes things!

  2. Steve said

    I would ask why they can’t atleast give the kid up for adoption, and or let the family have.
    Ask them why they think they can justify an abortion beyond financial support.
    Ask them why they can’t take responsibility for their actions.
    Be very willing to take the kid myself.


  3. Kath said

    All of the above is nice. I would also suggest that she get a sonogram before making her decision. Many times, seeing their child so small and growing inside makes all the difference.

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