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[Inspiration] Ulterior Verse of the Day – Christian Airways

Posted by Lex Fear on December 3, 2006

My congratulations go out to Nadia Eweida on her ‘win’ against her employer, BA over wearing her jewelery at work. Well done for showing them that being a Christian isn’t about a life devoted to Christ, or being forgiven and set free from religion. No, instead, it’s about making sure we wear a piece of jewelery to symbolise every religious thing we stand for.

Now before anyone decides to leave a comment and kindly inform me this has been already been covered and is ‘old news’, I haven’t had an Internet connection for a while and I have something to say about the matter from a born-again Christian perspective, so siddown!

This is my piece- Nadia, you’ve sold Jesus short, you’ve sold us all short! You used the logic that because other religions are allowed to wear their religious articles, that you are entitled to wear your religious article! The whole point of being a Christian is being free from religion, being free from religious and sacrificial requirements! Those other religions are not free, they’re in bondage because it is a requirement they wear certain articles of clothing to keep themselves pure/faithful and sinless. We are free from this bondage and so no Christian has to wear stupid jewelery or clothes!

Why not take a leaf out of St. Peters book and wear an upside down cross? Peter was crucified upside down, why? No it wasn’t because it had anything to do with Satanists, that’s another group of dumb asses who don’t know reality. It was because he requested this, he felt he was not worthy of being crucified the right way up like Christ. So question your conscience, question your worthiness. Perhaps you should be putting more effort into your character to show those around you that you are a Christian, rather than relying on a piece of jewelery. If you have to wear a piece of jewelery so people know you are a Christian, something has to be missing.

Today’s Ulterior Verse is dedicated just to you:

“Listen! I, Paul, tell you this: If you are counting on circumcision to make you right with God, then Christ will be happy with you. I’ll say it again. If you are trying to find favor with God by being circumcised, you will. For if you are trying to make yourselves right with God by keeping the law and religious expression, you have been made one with Christ! You are fully in God’s grace.

We who live by the Spirit eagerly wait to receive by religious expression the righteousness God has promised us. For when we express our religion, there is benefit in being circumcised. What is important is expressing faith through circumcision.” – Galatians 5:2-6 NLT

2 Responses to “[Inspiration] Ulterior Verse of the Day – Christian Airways”

  1. Anonymous said

    ‘In my mind, no church should have a problem with this. The only ‘service’ a church should be offering is the service of directing people to salvation.’How about a church that rents its hall out for local functions/groups, and is then asked to rent its facilities out to lets say to a pro-homosexual meeting? Would go against the grain somewhat hey?

  2. Lex Fear said

    OK Anon, you left that comment on the wrong post for a start.

    So I’ll answer the comment as though it were the post you actually quoted.

    But I’ve already answered. ‘Services’ offered by the church should be for those who intend to become or are Christians. Therefore churches hiring out their hall to the non-churched public become a public service/organisation- therefore accountable to the public whether gay/adulterer/drug user/prostitute/fat/ugly/thin/black/white etc…

    An organisation making profit from public funds or selling a service is and should be accountable to the wider public and government.

    If you want to go into the political argument, I believe churches should have their own status entirely, non-charity and not dependent on the government, as in the US.

    The problem with churches in the UK is that we live out of the governments pocket, which causes the balls of ministers all over the country to shrink. If we have no government funding, we have no government to answer to (apart from when real crime is committed obviously), therefore being able to make our own decisions on what we do. However that still wouldn’t give us the right to exclude or demonise certain sections of society. In every case where the bible condemns homosexuality -it is amongst believers- Emphatically NOT those outside the faith.

    The only grain that is being gone against is the grain of Christ, by allowing money-changers back into the temple courts.

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