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[False Security] An Immigration Problem – Part 2

Posted by Lex Fear on December 3, 2006

“It’s not Great Britain, it’s a crappy little Island with a complex. People are not queuing up to come and claim your benefits, there exists people in the world who would rather avoid the UK altogether…”

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“So, if we had said she was just visiting, there would be no problem and we could have got through?” I asked the pretty, young Asian immigration orificer who had been dealing with our case.
“Yes… but now you can’t and you have to leave the country. I’m really sorry, I can see you’re a nice couple and this has been a mistake, but unfortunately now it’s already been processed and your passport’s been stamped”.

She had tried her best to help us but that was just the problem, she was a component of what I like to term the checkbox (or database) culture. Everything has to fit into a checkbox and be processed, there is no longer any room in the UK for discretion or prudence.

Not only that, she was young, they were all young. As we are sitting there hour upon hour on these crappy seats waiting for them to ‘process’ our situation, I watched gangs of immigration orificials walking around on coffee breaks, talking and chatting, not one of them over 20 years old. They were all fresh out of college and brainwashed by New Labour protocol. It was a frightening picture, we are sitting there for hours while 5 of them stand around chatting about the weekend using chav language. These are the people supposed to be protecting the UK borders, the people making decisions over people lives. You would think a little sensitivity would be in order, but like I said, a slow day, a need to justify their jobs.

Some of them occasionally looked over at us in a passing and even they seemed surprised at seeing 2 western, white (yes, I said WHITE), working/middle class harmless people were doing sitting in the sin-bin. Don’t be deceived, they may talk officiospeak, but usually paranoid institutions are also racist – they talk the equality talk, but when it comes down to the bottom line – people – we all have tribal instincts, which seem to prominently feature specifically in organisations when dealing with foreign nationals. Don’t believe me? Ask yourself a question:

What nationality comes into your mind when I use the term “illegal immigrant”? Eastern European, such as Croatian?
What about “immigrant”? Polish, Russian, South American?
Why is it we don’t think about Canadians, Americans, South Africans, Aussies, Kiwi’s, Germans, French, Italian, Japanese and so on?

In Part 1, I asked – What kind of government combines the prison service with immigration? Is it because the government is paranoid of foreigners, or are there more sinister reasons? Perhaps immigration provides a convenient avenue to blame a host of economic and social ills such as rise in house prices, rises in crime and terrorism to name a few. Passing it off as an immigration problem focuses the country on immigrants, and causes people to resent immigrants.

Another thing, whilst sitting in immigration, detained for the heinous crime of marrying without UK Government approval, I wondered how many ‘illegal’ immigrants were entering the country through the channel tunnel during that 5 hours. Unfortunately, this government can’t give us the figures, but the Daily Mail could probably tell you it’s millions and millions, everywhere you look, evil married immigrants!

I know what you’re dying to say! But they have to check marriages because otherwise people would marry to get into this country.

I’m going to answer this in D’s words: “Why would anyone in the world want to come to this country?”

That’s right folks, the only reason my wife is coming here is that unfortunately her husband happens to be British. As far as people marrying to get into the country, seriously, how many people do you really, really think try to do that?

Think about every person you know, friends, family, work colleagues. Is there any of them that would marry a foreigner they had never met? Remember, they all have girlfriends, boyfriends, parents, children, family, friends, jobs. Even if they were offered a large sum of money, how many do you think would really do it? Really risk their reputation, friendships, future happiness with a real partner or current partner? I would be surprised if you could come up with even one person. Maybe you can think of one person, but out of the hundreds of people you know, thousands maybe, is that really a huge percentage?

People marrying to get into the country? Grow up, it’s a myth. It happens, but not enough to make any impact at all.

So Daily Mail readers, Xenophobes, Immigration Orificers, Politicians and people who don’t travel, listen up! It’s not Great Britain, it’s a crappy little Island with a complex. People are not queueing up to come and claim your benefits, there exists people in the world who would rather avoid the UK altogether, yes it’s true! There are more people here who would rather leave and live anywhere else! So now you’re going to say:

Well if you don’t like it, why don’t you leave? I will, if the government made it easier I would sooner, but unfortunately there are things I need to do before I do leave. But I promise you, in the next few years, I plan to leave this ugly Island!

Final words. So even though my wife was denied access, she was allowed through anyway, so much for protecting the country from the marriage bomb. Even better was the ‘escorted’ deportation. We walked up to the check-in, surprised and confused the lady. Mrs Fear made a point of collecting her air-miles, and then we were free to wander around departures with no problems whatsoever. Only when Mrs fear got to the departure gate, that a flustered immigration orificer came out with her passport, handed it back and walked off. Again, no escort, no handcuffs, no checks.

She walked through the gate and another immigration orificer, she handed him her passport. He then looked at her and stated “We were looking all over for you… Do you have your passport?”
“Yes,” she responded, “…you’re holding it.”
“Where is it?”
“You… are… holding… it”

Are you scared, Xenophobe? Do you fear? These are the people guarding your borders.

Part 3

2 Responses to “[False Security] An Immigration Problem – Part 2”

  1. Raz said

    Heya, I’m sorry to say that I loved your cynical detailing. Sorry for what happened to you guys and that other lady and her children. Fucking governments are so far away from reality, and besides, their propaganda fuck even more the good people. Here in the US-Mexico border we go through similar events. In the end, we already comprehend this is just a big show.

  2. Ed said

    Sorry about your problems. If it is any consolation many years ago I was taken to one side for 4 hours and eventually the immigration guy admitted he suspected me and my then girlfriend of going to the UK to get married. It was an accusation so far off base and “out there” that it was obvious from our reaction that we had no intentions along those lines, whatsoever. Still it gave us a very uncomfortable drive to the hotel, seeing as we had only been going out a month.

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