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[Xenophobia] An Immigration Problem – Part 1

Posted by Lex Fear on December 3, 2006

“I’m sick of being in a country led by a fascist government that uses fear and headlines to control the populace. This country wreaks of institutional paranoia…”

There is a real problem with immigration in this country, and I’m not talking about the intelligent people who want to come here to study or to work, I’m talking about the Immigration “Service” and the Home Office.

I find it difficult to be a good citizen at the best of times, but I realise more and more how difficult this government make it to be proud of Not-So-Great Britain. I’m sick of being in a country led by a fascist government that uses fear and headlines to control the populace. This country wreaks of institutional paranoia, and none so much as Immigration.

What kind of government combines the prison service with immigration anyway? If you belong to the class of Xenophobic British citizens, I am about to give you an insight into the people who are “guarding” our borders from terrorists threats such as marriage, education and culture.

As some of you may know, my new wife was denied an entry into Not-So-Great Britain due to not having a marriage visa, despite being a Canadian citizen (read: Commonwealth) and her visit not being permanent as she had a return ticket for Germany where she is a resident and up till recently a job and apartment.

Why didn’t we have a marriage visa I hear you ask? Good question, well 2 things:

1. Have you ever tried to navigate the Home Office website for a simple marriage to a foreign national? It’s filled with government sanctioned waffle officiospeak, which is basically using a lot of words to communicate something useless or unimportant, and doesn’t mention much about the information you really need.
2. Before marrying, Mrs Fear had asked immigration officials at the airports on 2 separate occasions what the policy was, they both advised she could apply when she came back into the UK.

See we decided to be honest when we got to the border, we decided to say we got married and will be applying for the visa. It was a simple misunderstanding, the immigration people who previously lied to advised us got it wrong. So we showed the return ticket to Germany, my wife’s German work visa and explained this was only a visit. You would think that this would be sufficient for them to see the innocence of the situation and let us through. Not so, apparently the terrorists latest tactic is to get married, try to settle down and start a family. Are you listening you xenophobes, you fascists? Keep reading.

It must have been a slow day in Immigration at Heathrow. They decided that the best way of handling the situation of a married person trying to enter the UK was to fingerprint, take mugshots and keep her passport… that’s right- the crime – getting married! They then kept us for 5 hours. Every hour or so to ask 1 or 2 questions and then go away for another hour. Along with us there was an Indian woman with a little girl who must have been 8 years old, and a baby. They had already been there 6 hours, what was their crime? The lady had given birth abroad. Perhaps they needed to check the baby’s fingerprints to make sure they didn’t match any terrorist babies that are trying to get into the country, we don’t know, all we do know is it was an appalling place to be kept- she was still there when we left 5 hours later.

So they denied her entry and had issued an order to send my wife back to Vancouver. That’s right, even though she had a ticket for Germany and would leave the country in 2 weeks time, they went ahead and purchased a £600-£1000 ticket to Vancouver instead (Tax payers of this Godforsaken little Island, take note!). But ‘graciously’ they extended the rejection, and gave us an opportunity to come back and change the order to go to Germany instead. It was joke, and the joke was this, go to the German embassy and get them to fax advising she could enter Germany (remember, Mrs Fear has a VISA for Germany and is a RESIDENT with job and accommodation), then they would change the order.

All this because we were honest and unlike immigration officials -we didn’t lie. That week was tough. The short end of the story is we drove around to embassies for 2 days, £30 spent on parking just for few hours here and there in central London. The German Embassy wouldn’t fax, the Canadian Embassy were helpful with information but couldn’t intervene. We had nothing left but our prayers, then midweek the next week we got a call from Immigration, they simply decided that they would send her to Germany instead. Either someone in Immigration grew a brain, or God was looking after us, I believe in God, but immigration officials using intellect? That is just too difficult for me to believe.

So now that is why my wife is currently in Germany, waiting for a copy of our marriage certificate to come from Hawaii, so she can apply for a visa. Her passport is now marked on their systems and she won’t be able to enter till she has the visa.

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