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[Godless Republicans] Change The Reality!

Posted by Lex Fear on October 8, 2006

“Remember those history lessons at school where you learned about how Hitler manipulated the media (radio and magazines) to convert the country to Nazism? We are now witnessing history brought back to life”

I really wanted to blog on the topic of shamed Republican (R-FL) Mark Foley, but after the last few days I’ve ran out of energy. This was a combination of 6 hours working on the last post, being out clubbing Friday evening as part of my work leaving thing- then having to get up early on Saturday morning to go to the dentist about a large hole in my tooth (filling dropped out in the week). I felt like shipwreck this morning and my throat was sore (shouldn’t have smoked that second cigar). I didn’t really drink at all but after leaving the club at 2.30am, one of the guys persuaded us to go for curry. We left Birmingham at 3.30am and got to my friends by 4. Stayed there till 4.30 then drove home and got in at 5am.

So I’m glad to see that Josh has posted something on his blog, Silent Speaking:

“His [Newt Gingrich] statements just rub me the wrong way, and they are very telling of many politician’s refusal to humbly admit wrong without pointing the finger back at their enemies somehow; always blaming someone or something else … This is like the instictive argument of a child who tries to somehow cover his fault by saying ‘But he started it!’ or ‘but so-and-so did this’ implying ‘this’ was much worse than what he did as if that nullifies the fault somehow.

…the problem is Republicans certainly first found it advantagous to use Bill Clinton’s unscrupulous behavior to draw a distinction between themselves and the Democrats based upon ‘morals’ and ‘character”. And as Matthew 7 goes on to say in verse 2, For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” Josh, Silent Speaking: But he started it!

The thing that has most impacted me about the affair is how the propaganda arm of the GOP, Fox News, showed video cuts on The O’Reilly Factor with a label running across the screen declaring him a member of the Democrats (D-FL). Remember those history lessons at school where you learned about how Hitler manipulated the media (radio and magazines) to convert the country to Nazism? We are now witnessing history brought back to life:

Source: The BRAD BLOG

This kind of thing should disturb anyone. The O’Reilly Factor is a pre-recorded show, this seems like a blatant attempt to subconsciously get it into the less discerning voters head, that it’s just another sexually immoral Democrat. I’m not going to go any further on this as plenty of other blogs have covered the issue in more detial, however I will leave you with Jon Stewart’s analysis of the blame game, and the shameful attempt to pass it onto (pass it off as) the Democrats:


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2 Responses to “[Godless Republicans] Change The Reality!”

  1. josh said

    Thanks for the reference Alex.

    Wow, the Daily Show is so good. I rarely get to see it anymore because I don’t have cable, but any time I watch clips like that online, I’m quite amazed at how shrewdly clever and hilarious the writing is. Good stuff.

    I had heard briefly about the Bill O’Reilly thing. That is disgusting and frightening. Especially since he is one of the deceptive types who acts as though he is independent; as though he is not a Republican per se, nor is he a “Rush Limbaugh Conservative”. There are a few people like this who put on a supposed independent conservative front but then still consistently just trash Democrats and “liberals” and serve the GOP agenda. Of course they are not independent; of course they are not honest; and of course neither is Fox News in any way shape or form.

  2. Alex Fear said

    Exactly Josh, and though I was tinkering on letting this one go, it occurs to me that there are people out there who don’t follow politics and accept news reports on face value- it’s important that political bloggers, satire and commentary shows carry things like this so that as many people as possible are made aware.

    I’ve seen Bill O’Reilly clips only on the internet- we don’t get Fox as standard over here. I find it shocking the way he will defend the GOP on any issue- and if a fact is just too obvious, he’ll simply make something up.

    But they say hiding a lie is like hiding a pregnancy, sooner or later everyone is going to know. The Bush administration now find themselves unable to continue wearing baggy t-shirts- the word is spreading.

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