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[Seriously] So you want to be a Christian?

Posted by Lex Fear on October 1, 2006

Rev. Simon Peters of University of Southampton Chaplaincy has stepped over the line with 10 reasons to be a Christian.

I’m not going to recreate them here as I believe they are far too oppressive towards people of other faiths or groups like the GPA, but they’re worth a look.

And if anyone is reading this, I’m going to put a twist on the question, feel free to comment:

Why do you call yourself a Christian? or
Why aren’t you a Christian?

I’m also going to add a few random tags to snag drive-by visitors.

Negative feedback welcome!


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2 Responses to “[Seriously] So you want to be a Christian?”

  1. Yellow said

    I just read this blog and I’ve never seen one so full of right-wing properganda and bigotry…

    I shocked and sickened to think that someone like that could have responsibility for ministry to students.

    What a complete tosser!

  2. Lex Fear said

    I know… and he thinks he’s funny!

    Seriously though your lovin’ your blog Yellow.

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