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[Your Data] AOL Customer 16006693

Posted by Lex Fear on August 18, 2006

A few weeks ago AOL came up with a great idea to “reach out to the academic community” by posting details of all their users search terms, complete with user IDs. It wasn’t long before bloggers seized upon it like mosquito’s on a pasty white tourist, and the database found its way into the public domain.

It is reported that some of the user searches could reveal an AOL customers identity, just by piecing together the data used in their searches:

16006693 nak
16006693 nack
16006693 sharona
16006693 knack
16006693 knack downloads
16006693 oakrige boys
16006693 oakridge boys
16006693 oakridge boys downloads free
16006693 jokes about dick cheney
16006693 jokes about dick cheney but not george bush
16006693 dick cheney creep
16006693 dick cheney dickhead
16006693 rummy dickhead
16006693 where is iraq
16006693 where is lebenon
16006693 his bullets
16006693 his bullies
16006693 shiits
16006693 shee-ites
16006693 bush appruval
16006693 bush approvel
16006693 bush drops below
16006693 dead reporters
16006693 dead reporters fotos
16006693 dead reporters pix
16006693 disembowled reporters pix
16006693 disembowled new york times
16006693 love thine enemas
16006693 love thine enemies
16006693 bible quote of the day
16006693 insperation from bible
16006693 george bush great president
16006693 george w bush great president
16006693 dream on
16006693 oakridge boys lyrics dream on
16006693 how to run country
16006693 how to run country when not really inerested
16006693 people to run country for you
16006693 over work
16006693 overwork
16006693 stress
16006693 best place to retire
16006693 places like crawford but without cindy sheehan
16006693 crawford the town not cindy crawford
16006693 crawford tx
16006693 like crawford tx but not so hot
16006693 best places to retire not hot
16006693 best places to retire global warming
16006693 global warming mith
16006693 global warming myth
16006693 crawford hot
16006693 cindy crawford hot
16006693 rice hot
16006693 rice hot not recipes
16006693 rice naked
16006693 rice nude
16006693 bible quotes resisting temptation
16006693 oakridge boys i’ll be true to you
16006693 oakridge boys trying to love two women
16006693 rice and beans
16006693 tex mex
16006693 tex mex not music
16006693 tex mex takeout
16006693 tex mex takeout dc
16006693 heart burn
16006693 heartburn

Courtesy of Slate.com

If you still can’t work out his identity… just go to Democratic Underground.

If you want to search the data yourself, the AOL Search Database offers you the option of searching by Keyword, Site or User ID, but is not the complete database. DontDelete offer a similar search with a random user generator promising “hours of entertainment”. DataBlunder is by far the best on offer, as it includes views of popular user profiles and search reviews. Digg commenters discuss the database, ethical issues and offer some interesting, weird and frightening user IDs.

Here are some interesting one’s I’ve found or taken from the various sources above:
Insight into the criminal mind
Not happy with ‘him’
Heavenly intervention or cannibal plans to eat evangelist?
Too late
Tired of waiting for AOL to help me… I need a beer
2281868 – Demons?
2708 – Revenge is ugly


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