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[Anecdotes] The Importance of Communication In a Relationship

Posted by Lex Fear on August 6, 2006

Don’t you just love when your intended brings up a conversation you had 6 months ago and reminds you of your own words?

I always felt there should be a rule or a time limit or something. Women are like sponges they just soak up every little thing you say, later when you squeeze too tight it all pops out. Like when you’re having an argument and they wait for you to say something that contradicts what you said 10 months ago!

Here’s the deal ladies, whatever we say, it times out after a week. We are no longer held accountable to what we said earlier, and we didn’t mean it anyway, or you just misunderstood. It’s like when you need to buy that new handbag. We both know you don’t need it, but somehow the perfectly useful old one you have just doesn’t do the job anymore.


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