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[Candid] Yo Bush!

Posted by Lex Fear on July 18, 2006

A candid conversation was overheard by the worlds press between President Bush and Prime Minister Blair when a microphone was left on at the G8 summit.

Even though the conversation itself was nothing highly controversial, none-the-less it has caused quite a stir in the blogosphere:

Yo Blair!: Overheard at the G8
President Bush caught on tape saying the word “shit” to UK Prime Minister Blair
Why I Can’t Hate Bush
Dude, they gotta stop that sh*t
Yo Blair!: Overheard at the G8 + Video
Our Fearless Leader: “Yo, Blair – you outta here?”

OK our Prime Minister sounded like a weasel, but I think he was just trying to use terms that the President knows. For instance ‘International Commerce’ contains two large words which might be difficult to understand so Blair simplified it to “trade thingy”. Now Mr Bush knows what he’s talking about.

Speaking today, Prime Minister Tony Blair expressed much disappointment over the private conversation which was inadvertently broadcast to the entire world: “He didn’t even mention the socks and matching underwear I bought him for Easter…”


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