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[Jobspam] No CV? No Problem for Total Jobs

Posted by Lex Fear on June 23, 2006

Total Jobs are definitely worth their salt. Yesterday I joined as a member but didn’t have time to edit and post my CV (resume). But that minor detail didn’t present any problems to Total Jobs, who got to work straight away to find me new opportunities (my emphasis added)…

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[PR Exercise] Patron Saint of Sport

Posted by Lex Fear on June 23, 2006

Tony Blairs pledge to become a patron of a London Community Sports club is near its deadline.

At the time of this post he has 48 people signed up, 3 of which also signed up for a pledge to form a human chain around Westminster no protest zone (currently 1028 of 6000 signed up). Perhaps Tony will consider joining that pledge instead?

Interest seems to have plateaued now, possibly due to speculation that it’s merely a PR exercise. but some of the pre-(local) election comments are hilarious:

“…the track record for sticking to pledges, even ones made in manifestos, isn’t that great for Tony is it?” Duncan Drury at 12:33, Wednesday 5 April.

“I plan to honour my pledge by building a website for the club and promoting them heavily via grass-roots PR. I am open to approaches from any club involved in any kind of sport, but they must be willing to understand that we will be playing a new game with new rules; my rules. I would require my adopted team to wear orange jumpsuits as their uniform *and* play while wearing iron shackles on their legs and bags over their heads. The training programme will be rigorous… it will push local, national and international laws to their limits and – when nobody’s looking – it will go way beyond these petty constraints. Of course, officially, all training will be by the book. For example… no-one will actually drown as a result; they will merely enjoy the repeated sensation of drowning…” Tim Ireland at 00:26, Thursday 6 April.

“Yes, I would rather the PM didn’t bother, because if I were a member of a sport club that he became a patron of, I would leave it, and the same goes for Livingstone and Jowell” Sam Hayes at 23:21, Wednesday 5 April.


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