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[Bullshit] Fun With Selective Quotations

Posted by Lex Fear on May 31, 2006

The producers of Footloose, (the musical) showing currently in the West End are showing selective quotes on their website from The Sun and banners outside the theatre from The Daily Express:

“Sensational” – The Sun

“The Perfect Show” – The Daily Express

But what were the critics really trying to say in less words?

“despite one sensational country and western-influenced showstopper, this is a sort of poor man’s Saturday Night Fever, more tongue-tied than Footloose.” – Bill Hagerty – The Sun

Footloose is not about the plot, nor yet the characters, and it is certainly not about the performances which are almost uniformly end-pf-the-pier sub-West End standard, nor the choreography. No, it is about an audience coming to hear songs they already know from the film. It is the perfect show for those who hate surprises.” – Ruth Leon – The Daily Express

Have to credit Private Eye with this, picked up a copy today.


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