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[Think Patriotic Thoughts] The UK Witch Hunt Has Begun

Posted by Lex Fear on April 20, 2006

“… They told me if I would not confess I should be put down into the dungeon and would be hanged, but if I would confess I should save my life.” Margeret Jacobs – The Salem Witch Trials 1692

There seems to be a mean streak of paranoid puritanism in American blood. Passed down through generations, reaching a climax every few generations which results in horrific atrocities and a dim view of the sanctity of human life. From the Salem Witch Trials to The House of Un-American Activities Committee, to our present day War on Terror.

It seems that every now and then, whether due to tragic circumstances, lack of integrity or basic morals and ethics, America gets the creepy feeling that ‘they are among us, and they want to eat our children’. This results in launching a rounding up of all suspicious looking people, bringing charges against them for being witches, communists or terrorists and then basically subjecting them to a sort of punch and judy style trial:

“You are a witch/communist/terrorist! Admit it!”
“No, I’m innocent, I never saw those children/weapons of mass destruction.”
“Admit you are a witch/communist/terrorist and your punishment will be lenient, if you don’t admit your crimes, we will punish you severely.”
“I told you I’m innocent, I am not a witch/communist/terrorist.”
“Oh yes you are!”
“Oh no I’m not!”…

Maybe this accounts for the proliferation and success of all the aliens hype of the 90s “They are among us/they are plotting against us”. Who knows? What I do know is that this kind of dogmatic cultural response to perceived threats is invading our laws and our politics. Consider the cases below:


But before I’m accused of bashing Americans, a wise American did say this:

“He who gives up freedom for security, will end up with neither.” Benjamin Franklin

It’s worth noting that another ‘democratic’ country has decided to follow world role-models, America and the UK, in introducing anti-terror laws.

After posting this, I imagine my blog will soon be closed down by the police, citing anti-terrorism measures. It was fun while it lasted.


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