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[IT Monkey] Another Imposter!

Posted by Lex Fear on February 4, 2006

Editors Note: This is a post transferred from my old blog, it cracks me up to read again when I had not long started so I decided to keep it – LF.

Since changing the name of my blog to the more fitting The IT Monkey, I have found several imposters, some who have not even posted and others so mundane you actually wished they had not posted.

The latest imposter is the so-called “IT Monkey” using the url: itmonkey.blogspot.com.

“IT Monkey” has only ever posted once – October 2005 (just before I started my blog), ironically entitled “Why am i here?”. Yes, that’s the question we’re asking! He goes on to further elaborate “that’s a good question. I have always liked to read a blog or two, but never really thought about doing it myself, until now.” He then obviously never really thought about doing it again either.

At least it’s only 1 post. I mean some people write pages of this drivel.. I’ve discovered since starting this blog its a lot of hard work to keep updated. Please. Please if you’ve going to blog, blog something interesting, spare us the personal anguish of having to scan through:

  • Images of your naked 2 year old in the bath. I’m not a paedophile and I do not want to be put in a compromised position.
  • It’s painful enough when you have nothing interesting to say, let alone when you put it in incomprehensible textspeak.
  • Heavy advertising.. blogs with more cookies than a Tescos bakery.
  • Pictures of you and your dumb friends.
  • Those Annoying “Make Poverty History” banners. All I want to do is click ‘Next Blog>>’ and I can’t even do that.


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