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[Herding Sheep] Dismissive Responses

Posted by Lex Fear on January 22, 2006

Dismissive responses are intended to appeal to our sense of reason (I say ‘sense of’ since if it was a direct appeal to our reasoning then the dismissive response wouldn’t work). What the dismissive response is actually doing is appealing to our herd instinct. The ‘herd instinct’ basically protects us from free thought and the hard work of using our brains. So for example: Let’s say some verbally incontinent braggart is voicing a fact or opinion, and a counter-argument or plausible objection enters your head. You may even feel the urge to offer this thought up for the debate. So you speak what’s on your mind and immediately the pompous git dismisses your viewpoint with something that sounds like a reasonable explanation as to why your viewpoint is incorrect. In actual fact it’s simply a dismissive response to get you off the scent of their line of bullsh*t.

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