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[Fearism] Whom Shall I Fear?

Posted by Lex Fear on January 7, 2006

“Our governments seem intent on reminding us daily, of the threat to our security from terrorists and immigrants.”

There have been very few occasions in my life where I’ve felt mortal fear, the kind of fear gets your endorphins pumping and gives you an adrenaline rush. It’s the good kind of fear. It motivates you to do something (or avoid something). I remember one time hiking Mount Olympus and the last quarter of a mile was traversing a 40-60% angle, rock-face to get to the peak. One foot wrong and it was a 1000ft drop straight down. I remember feeling my life in my own hands, it was an uncomfortable feeling. We live all the time entrusting our lives to others, the aircraft pilot, the taxi-driver, the electrician, road workers, those who prepare our food. We don’t give it a moments thought. Yet here I was, nothing but me and the mountain, fully in control of my own life and suddenly not so confident. When I finally reached the top, it was then I felt alive. I knew I had conquered the peak and could easily make it back down.

Most of us may have at some time had the experience of mortal fear, but generally we don’t get to face things like that everyday. Instead our lives are filled with the lesser fears, the duller ones which beat away in the back of our minds. Work, debts, property, family, and other personal problems. These fears don’t give us an endorphine rush, because they are often not confined to one physical action. Instead they are prolonged, delayed fears, that wear down our energy and in some cases, our health.

We live in a climate of fear, you only need to go out, buy a paper and read the latest headlines. Our governments seem intent on reminding us daily, of the threat to our security from terrorists and immigrants. Fear of these external threats creates bitterness and resentment. So we live our lives with these fears and resentments and simply accept it as our fate. These resentments build up and cause us to look at others, or people different from us, with suspicion and mistrust. Then there are others who are quite comfortable. They don’t climb mountains and they don’t step out of boats. Content that they’re not bad people and so there’s no need to fight any causes, or get involved in other peoples affairs. They look at people who protest and petition also with mistrust and sometimes resentment.

The whole problem is when we allow our fears or our comforts to dictate our lives, an injustice occurs. Whether it’s not wanting to disturb the status quo, even though it is a moral cause, or fear of retribution by authorities, even when the law is on our side. I believe we all have personal mountains to climb, some of us may be near the top, for others it is simply a constant uphill struggle with no end in sight, and others still, may be sitting at the bottom wanting to ignore it.

I believe in speaking out against social injustice and hypocrisy. I believe in speaking up for the poor and oppressed and I have added links to some different organisations and cause. My motivation behind the website and the blog is to encourage others to ‘abandon all fear’.

“The Lord is my light and my salvation- whom shall I fear?”


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