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Is Atheism Important in British Society?

Posted by Lex Fear on November 14, 2005

I am a Christian, but I don’t feel the need to impose my faith on anyone who is not. I don’t wish to be a moral crusader against the media or any other public group. I do hope that by living my life, as genuinely, humanly and fallibly as I can, that others may be drawn to Christ, and know the hope that I know and be released from all that binds them.

I don’t intend to trash other people’s ideas or opinions, but it’s disturbing when you come across the trash that some people have to say, when they clearly have not thought out at all their arguments.

Take for example, a ‘Have Your Say’ article from the BBC I stumbled on this afternoon – ‘Is faith important in British society?’ http://newsforums.bbc.co.uk/nol/thread.jspa?threadID=310&&&&&edition=1&ttl=20051114224247

Not that I think it is or isn’t, it’s important to my life and how I treat others, but some of the comments have made me feel compelled to say something. I didn’t feel it was worth signing up with BBC for such a trivial subject, so I’ve pasted a few choice quotes below and made my own comments.

“All this survey shows is that Christianity is no longer a religion, it’s something people put on forms. Most Britons actually practice some sort of vaguely-defined theism rather then Christianity.” – Deiniol Jones, Llandudno

Undeniably true, unfortunately I have come across many people who claim the title ‘Christian’ who when questioned as to their status on following Christ, are not. If only these people knew where this title came from, if only they knew the decision that it represents and what some early Christians (and indeed present Christians still) went through to in order to boldly align themselves with Christ. Take for example, my Auntie Nora, who believes in Jesus, that he was a good man, she doesn’t go to church however, and she not only believes in aliens, but believes Michael Jackson is one. Unless you draw your vision of reality from ‘Men In Black 2’ you have to question her state of mind.

“Speaking as an Atheist, I see that comment as fundamentally flawed.There are many people who do not have faith of any kind, and certainly do not “put” their non-existent faith in any non-existent deity. Blanket statements by Christians intended to tar us with the same brush are only designed to draw us into a framework we are not part of.” – spongebob1969

This is a ridiculous statement. When I get on the train every morning that takes me from [Chavsworth] to [Smeggingtown] I put faith in the driver that he’ll get me there in one piece. I put faith in the company I work for that they are going to pay me at the end of the month. Faith might make me buy a season ticket for a football club (if I had more money than sense). Now you may say that’s not faith, but what is it then, a lucky guess?

“I am saddened to see that even though Britain is a Christian country, 75% of the Christian population don’t go to Church. They have not read the Bible, and thus just don’t understand how to respect the next human being, leave alone ‘love your neighbour’.” – Juliana Bhola, Thornton Heath

I’d like to know where these people get their stats? The ‘Christian’ population? I disagree with 1, not reading the bible equates with not knowing how to respect others, and 2, Britain, a Christian country? No country on earth is Christian “we are but foreigners”. So much of what Juliana has spouted is in complete contradiction with reality let alone the bible.

“We no longer need religion as a crutch for our society, so the only real benefit it poses is with those who need that crutch to lead a happy life” – Sam Sexton, Essex

I challenge anyone to prove that deciding to follow Christ is an aide to leading a happy life. Do you not realise what Christ went through? And of what happened to the 12 disciples later? Hello! I can say 100% becoming a Christian for me has been a challenge, there have been obstacles, there have been times I’ve felt I wanted to give it up and go back to being shallow and happy. Becoming a Christian means sticking your neck out for abuse, persecution and alienation. What planet are you from? I do agree however that we no longer need religion.

“Theism is a dead end, a stop-gap towards understanding the world that humanity should have abandoned centuries ago – practically every claim any religion has made about reality has been proven false upon actual investigation. Religion clearly does not promote more ethical behaviour in many people – the statistics show that high levels of atheism are correlated with LOW levels of crime and “antisocial” behaviour. And there’s no need to even mention the wars and genocides with religious origin. If faith is important in British society, I would argue that it’s because of its negative effects rather than any positive contribution.” – [ChorYuen], Leeds, United Kingdom

I would love to see some examples of those investigations. It’s investigation that has actually led many people to choose Christ, realising that he indeed exists (see Matthew Bache’s comment). This actually made me laugh, where are these statistics? I’ve never read anything so inane.

“Remember that the opposite of faith is certainty…” – judith, UK

I can’t think of anything actually intelligent to contribute so I’ll take 30 seconds to think up a soundbite, doh! The opposite of faith is dubiosity.

“I think I’m just as good a person as the most devout person of any religion. Maybe better, because I don’t try to push my beliefs on to others.” – Amy

Amy, your ways are not our ways, show me the light that I may walk righteously just as you do.

“In 2003 I attended an Alpha course, very out of character for me. I had many preconceived ideas, along the lines of many of the comments in this thread. But I went along and asked all the awkward questions about Christianity. To my own surprise I came to a realisation it was true.” – Matthew Bache, Rayleigh

“I am an atheist. I am very concerned that the government recently introduced the bill making it illegal to criticise religious groups. I believe that all of the most evil regimes that have ever governed carried out censorship and perhaps this is just the start of changes in the law that might ultimately result in such a regime being able to gain control in our own country.” – Nick Holberton, Derby

I am a Christian, I am also very concerned about laws Nu Labour are trying to get through the Lords, but talk about paranoid.


But you do shout a lot.

I could only copy some select quotes, there are many more, and many that require more than a few lines response. I don’t have the time or inclination here to write pages of apologetics, but I think
in some of my comments you may see what kind of a faith I have.

I should like to end with my own little comparison. Feel free to judge my faith by historical events like the inquisition, the crusades. Compare me to tele-evangelists, Bush, anti-abortionist killers, and other irrelevant persons/events. But don’t be offended if, because you are ‘atheist’, I compare you to communists, peadophiles, murderers, rapists, Pol Pot, Stalin and Mao Zedong.

2 Responses to “Is Atheism Important in British Society?”

  1. cris2008 said

    Hmmm, I am tempted to try this.

  2. Moliv said

    I recently discovered this blog. I’ve had a similiar idea to your rewriting the ten commandments for some time now.

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